"My Kid Could Paint That"

There hasn't been an art movie - that is, a movie about an artist and their work - that I've wanted to see in a long time. I'm so happy that Juxtapoz has brought this one to my attention:


When abstract expressionism started to gain popularity in the art community there were quite a few who said, in various ways, "My kid could paint that!" And a few years ago, it seemed like a 4-year-old named Marla Olmstead was proving them right. Marla was an abstract prodigy whose talents caused a gigantic stir in the world of modern art. Then a news program was aired which insinuated that Marla wasn't actually the one doing the painting. There was an assumed scandal and things were never really cleared up. Soon to be released is a documentary called My Kid Could Paint That by Amir Bar-Lev that was filmed before, during, and after the scandal took place. The film seems to evolve from initially trying to capture genius on film into a story about the Bar-Lev becoming too close to the subjects and the turmoil that the family goes through trying to live a normal life in a truly abnormal situation. The film opens October 5th in New York and LA and then, in limited release, across the U.S. See it for yourself to decide what you believe. We hope for genius, because a little hope never hurt.

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from wooster collective:



Thanks to everyone who made it out last night!

Annie & Michael V
ITTIT wall art

The turnout was much much larger than I had expected; I'd assumed that my group of friends coming up from LA would've taken up the majority of the gallery, but the place was already filled by the time they arrived after 9. Lots of wonderful people to talk to, a great buzz in the air, and Olivia, Jay, Chris, and I were just so pleased with how the show and the newly remodeled gallery space worked out. I don't think I could've asked for anything better except for some extra hours to be culled from the world for me to get a proper night's sleep.

Thanks again to everyone who was able to make it last night. I appreciate those of you who were able to overcome the shyness hurdle and talk to me about all the work - it really helps to hear what people are getting out of the pieces that have had me shut away for all these weeks.

Those of you who couldn't make it last night or didn't get a chance to talk to me or Olivia, please consider coming by the closing reception! It's scheduled for Friday, October 26th, 5 - 7 p.m. and is expected to be a more laid-back affair. Closings tend to be a lot less hectic, so it's good talkin' time.