2 More Shows to See: 1/10

Sorry about the incorrect dates in the last post. They've been edited. I must've been way out of it when I wrote that entry. Think I was trying to write it quick so I didn't give up halfway through.

I forgot about 2 other excellent shows that I won't miss on Saturday the 10th, along with the Mat O'Brien show:

* "The Big Three" @ Michael Rosenthal Gallery
co-curated by my friend Mary Anne Kluth and featuring work by my other friends Christine Monohan and Annie Wong.

(annie wong)

Deth P. Sun @ Rowan Morrison Gallery, just three blocks away from my apartment!

(deth p. sun)

Saturday night's all booked up, folks. Take your parties elsewhere.
Or, er, elsewhen?


Upcoming Shows to See: 1/8 - 1/10/09

Despite the crazy stress I will no doubt be under this time next week, I'm still very much looking forward to seeing these shows. With any luck, I'll even get to say hello to the artists - all of whom I haven't seen in ages.

1/8 Paul Urich @ Fecal Face Dot Gallery

1/9 Amanda Hughen and Jennifer Starkweather @ Electric Works

1/10 Mat O'Brien @ Eleanor Harwood Gallery

It's a new year - keep that secret resolution you've always had about going to see more art shows.