NPR is not the same thing as PBR

I admit it: I've turned into that person who mentions NPR over and over again. Is it because it's one of my last channels for entertainment, news, and trivial information wrapped into one? Almost certainly yes.

These NPR fans... I'd always eyed them with a slight stink-eye, imagining them sitting back easily, their hands clasped slightly above their sweatered bellies, laughing fully and lengthily as droll voices on their antique-style radios discussed the follies of the American government.

A few hairs always prick up at the back of my neck when I feel the compulsion to mention the most recent item I'd heard on NPR.

"Have you heard the name of the woman who won the 'worst name ever' contest?"
"Yeah, I heard about Twitter on the radio the other day."
"There's a fantastic joke they told about McCain on 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me' this past weekend."

I listen to NPR at work to keep myself awa-, er, alert as I haven't had much time to get new music. One of my staples is "This American Life" and they replayed a fantastic episode recently.

Give it a listen for free here:

It's so good for so many reasons.
And for the record, I still feel the same way about NPR as Summer feels about TAL. Listen to the podcast, and you'll know what I'm talking about.


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