Conjoined Shots from Twin Peaks (SF)

View from Twin Peaks, SFView from Twin Peaks, SF
(funny... my left eye is weaker than my right)


More Mary Anne:
Mary Anne KluthMary Anne Kluth
These images aren't as nice as the ones Mary Anne took herself, but it gives a few more angles from which to admire the piece.

The minor work I've been putting in at the studio pale in comparison (not to mention the dreadful lighting of all these shots), but I feel the need to show something.
more sketchesBruno & Lulu sketch
I've also finally taken better pictures of the "Annie & Adrian" series from the Hot & Cold issue 3 release show and will have those up soon.


I swear I've been in the studio doing something. I'll have pictures up, hopefully sooner than later and before I don't like them anymore.

In the meantime, found pictures of Mary Anne's awesome piece at SFAI. I took pictures with my phone, but since I can't access them (don't ask me why), I stole these pictures from Mary Anne's MySpace page of all places. I'm really going to have to help her get a site going where people can't attack you with a flyer for their friend's band's ex-bandmate's new band's going away concert. (Can you tell? I'm not a big fan of MySpace.)

Without further ado:
Mary Anne Kluth

I believe it's all on paper, and the paper chain is connected to a motor that helps it to move. I didn't get to see it in action, unfortunately, but hopefully I will soon.

Note to friends: Scour your schedules for any openings - I'll be needing models when you can spare the time. I'll bring you steamed cupcakes *eyes Annie*.

Jill Sylvia


Untitled (Book 1) [detail], 2005
Hand-cut ledger paper, 11 x 17 x 2

Finally got to catch this beautiful show at Eleanor Harwood. Looks like the show's been extended until the 30th; make all efforts to see this stuff in person. Flawless.

Call for Entries: Gen Art's Emerge 2007

Gen Art’s 10th Annual All-Medium Visual Art Exhibition
Deadline: August 10 September 17, 5 p.m.

Emerge, Gen Art SF's annual exhibition features the work of a prominent jury's selection of Bay Area emerging artists. An all-medium exhibition, Emerge is the cornerstone of Gen Art’s efforts to increase exposure for emerging Bay Area artists and to cultivate a new generation of art enthusiasts. Emerge 2007 will be Gen Art SF's 9th annual exhibition, showcasing emerging Bay Area artists working in the fields of photography, painting, sculpture, mixed-media installation and new media. Emerge will open at the Luxe Preview Benefit on November 4, 2007.