Busiest time of the year

Hope you all are having a pleasant holiday season. It's a bit chilly here (mid 40s here in Oakland) but thankfully my heater works and my room is fairly well insulated.

It's been a very busy December and will be a very busy January for me as well. I've been commissioned by Chronicle Books to do all the illustrations for an upcoming book. It's quite a task - more drawings than I've ever done in just a month and a half, but I'm hoping for the best. All I can say is thank goodness that I have these two weeks off to work full-time (that's the plan, at least) to complete them all.

I've also been speaking with Eleanor Harwood about putting together a show at her gallery at the beginning of the new year, but that has been moved to the middle of 2009. It's quite a relief, of course, but I'm also very anxious to see what Jesse Schlesinger and Matt Momchilov have in mind for their walls.

Too many things on my plate! Honestly, I'd been hoping since October that I'd be playing video games nonstop or vacationing in LA during this break, but I can't sincerely complain. I'm grateful for the opportunities and can only hope that I can produce work that I and everyone else will enjoy.