You Are There Canceled

Hey, sorry folks. The You Are There show I mentioned in the last post has been canceled/postponed. Sad times. So far, the next happening to look forward to is the Hallway Bathroom show. The first part of their 3-part exhibition opened today; go and check it out if you have a chance.


Cruel Summer

It's really not that bad of a summer, but it's certainly been much busier than past years.

New apartment in Oakland, and various art goings-on:

FasTrak will be ending this weekend, while The Magical Rainbow Pony Show continues through the end of August (I'll get to see it in person this weekend! That should be quite nice).

I plan on having a new piece (fingers crossed) in a temporary gallery space during next month's (in two weeks!) Oakland Art Murmur. A new bike shop will be opening up, but before that happens, a rather exciting Oakland-only show called You Are There will take place. After that, a nice month or so will pass before part 2 of Landscape Portrait Pattern goes up at Hallway Bathroom Gallery in San Francisco.

Busier than I'd anticipated for this time of year, but it's better that it comes in spades rather than not at all.

More details about the above shows here: http://events.seeinsidefordetails.com/

Also, saw the Beautiful Losers documentary at YBCA over the weekend and found it quite inspiring, as all good art movies should be. They said at the screening that it should be on wider release in September, so keep your eyes peeled.

Okay, and I've effectively gotten this stuck in my head - overalls, bananas, and all.