Call for Entries: KSW Apature

Deadline: July 5 July 13, 6 p.m. [EXTENDED]

Kearny Street Workshop’s APAture: A Window on the Art of Asian Pacific Americans, is a multidisciplinary arts expo presenting and examining the work of emerging Asian Pacific American artists, living or working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Call for Entries: Artadia Awards

Artadia Awards in San Francisco Bay Area 2007
Deadline: July 31

The 2007 Artadia Awards in the San Francisco Bay Area represent our sixth awards cycle in the Bay Area. The Artadia Awards in the Bay Area are open to all visual artists living and working in the five Bay Area counties: Alameda , Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco , and San Mateo.

(another thanks to Ruth for the heads-up!)


SFAI MFA Grad Exhibition 2007

SFAI Grad Show 2007SFAI Grad Show 2007SFAI Grad Show 2007SFAI Grad Show 2007SFAI Grad Show 2007SFAI Grad Show 2007SFAI Grad Show 2007SFAI Grad Show 2007SFAI Grad Show 2007
SFAI Grad Show 2007
This last video was titled "The Dawson's Creek Projects" and was filled with sayings like "James Van Der Beek is sooooooo hot."

Maker Faire 2007 [San Mateo, CA]

Shots of the 2nd Annual Maker Faire:

Giant Controller & Mario [Maker Faire]Giant Nintendo Controller [Maker Faire]
Robot Giraffe [Maker Faire]Puppy Monorail [Maker Faire]Roving Cupcake [Maker Faire]
Adrian & the Triangle BikeRock 'n' Knit [Maker Faire]
(the last photo is of a guy knitting and drumming at the same time)

Call for Entries: New American Paintings [CA, OR, WA, AK, HI]

Time again for the west coast to submit to New American Paintings.
Deadline: June 30
Info here: http://www.newamericanpaintings.com/artistinfo.htm
(thanks, Ruth!)

No One Belongs Here More Than You

Website for Miranda July's new book (which I've just decided in the past two minutes that I must have):
And I can't believe I missed her coming by to San Francisco! Oh well. I think I was having a cream puff that day, anyway.


Call for Entries: Anteism's "i-mygrate"

Deadline: July 15

Anteism is calling out for character artwork submissions. Do you have a character that you draw, scribble, paint or photograph? We would like to bring them on our road trip.

We want to disperse your characters across North America. Each character will be left somewhere along the way (between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean). They will be left all alone to fend for themselves. Relying on the kindness of strangers for a lift to their next destination. They could be left in a gas station bathroom, under the table of a greasy diner or on a road sign up in the Rocky Mountains.

Opened a bottle of delicious rootbeer yesterday and immediately smiled upon seeing this:


CCA Grad Show

Ms. Headexplodie, Mary Anne & I went by the campuses today to check out the various graduate & undergraduate shows. I took a few pictures with my phone, but the Flickr set from Marci & Deth is better. In any case, here's a bit of what I got:

Sam Lopes. I love the circle of massage going on there.

A bit of what the architecture department had to show. You can't really make it out, but there are quite a few characters from Animal Crossing in there. I think that's Mabel's profile on the right side.

And I thought this was just hilarious. Melanie's work involves old furniture like portions of beds and kitchen counters along with stained pillows, linen, and pools of dried blood. Very evocative of childhood torture and abusive family relationships. The first two comments say positive things like "moving," "hectic," and "thought-provoking."

I think you might be able to make out the third comment.


CSM: "Stylometry"

Christian Science Monitor | Is that painting real? Ask a mathematician : Engineers use a mathematical process dubbed 'stylometry' to set apart real Van Gogh paintings from forgeries.

"Is it true that every artist has one clearly identifiable, characteristic style that can be picked up by this technology?" wonders Ellen Handy, an art historian at the City College of New York. "Can artists really be resolved to a single pattern?"


frieze: Dana Schutz

frieze.com | Image Search : Referencing such wildly disparate subjects as Google, ‘self-eating’, headless dogs and imaginary births, Dana Schutz examines what it means to be a painter

I don't usually admit to disliking (or occasionally liking) Dana Schutz's work, but I found this article to be a good entrance point for reconsidering her work.

Derwent Inktense Pencils

Found a review of these in the Winter Ampersand journal. Might be worth a try sometime... Will have to find a few individual pencils in the store to sample. Anything that isn't a variation of white or black seems a bit much for me, though.

Alex Paik

Donkey Kong Boogie Woogie
acrylic on canvas
58 x 58"

You should know that I am very much resisting the urge (need?) to post more Morrissey-related things. I'm not a "super fan," as some have suggested, but it's true that it's easy for me to become obsessed with things.

The latest New American Paintings has some images of Alex's work, and I thought I'd share his site with you all. Love the Mike Tyson's Punch Out! (TKO) piece, too.