"in the time it takes" (9/8 - 10/26)

ITTIT postcard front
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"In The Time It Takes"
new works by Nancy Chan & Olivia Park

Receiver Gallery
1415 Valencia St. (@ 25th), SF, CA 94110
(415) 550-RCVR

Opening Reception
Saturday, September 8, 7 - 10pm

Closing Reception
Friday, October 26, 5 - 7 pm


"In The Time It Takes" features Bay Area artists Nancy Chan and Olivia Park. Chan's open and airy figures are surrounded by objects of negative space, contrasted by Park's elements of tight and obsessive mark making.

More info at http://www.receivergallery.com/shows/inthetimeittakes.php


A work in progress

work in progress
Originally uploaded by Nancy Chananigans.

A quick peek at one of the pieces in the works for the Receiver show.


Learning to Love You More


Assignment #9
Draw a constellation from someone's freckles.

"Wan's Left Arm Constellation"
Seoul, Republic of Korea

I've been in the studio every day for the past few weeks, but it still feels like I'm not making much progress. Have gotten to the inking stage, so maybe that'll change as the drawings take shape and substance.

Starting to already burn out, especially with the walking trips between work & studio & home, but I'm anticipating a second wind to drive me to the end.

Will be taking photographs soon for the show's postcard, so stay tuned for some "in progress" shots.

Anthony Lister


mixed media on canvas, 6ft x 6ft, 2007


Art Walk

Did some artwalking this weekend. First, the Fecal Face 7.5 Anniversary show in San Francisco:
(more pictures can be found at the Fecal Face site)
Tessar LoMichelle BladeChris PewAndrew SchoultzMel Kadel

Followed by this month's Oakland Art Murmur:
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